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Good  Welcome to CCC online.  Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our vision for a transforming, non-traditional community of faith located in Zion Crossroads, a growing community in the I-64 corridor of Central Virginia.

CCC is a relatively young congregation, having been  launched by 14 Christ-followers in September 2008.  We are still being shaped by the Holy Spirit and discovering our role in the community where God has called us to serve.

If you visit with us, you will find us to be a fun-loving, passionate group of Christ-followers.  We find our unity through a shared faith in Jesus Christ and his call to participate in the the mission of God.  Our worship style is informal, offering opportunities for dialog and sharing.   Children are cared for by enthusiastic, well-trained adults. And there is always an opportunity for warm-hearted fellowship, both before and after worship. 

Check out what God is doing among us and in the community around us by attending one of our Celebration Services on the weekend or one of several small groups which meet during the week.  We enthusiatically welcome you!  We're all about helping people on their journey back to God.



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